Public Transport Fares determinations for 2015

  • Changes to Public Transport Fares announced
  • Major simplification of Dublin Bus fares
  • Leap Card fares continue to offer customers best value compared to cash
  • Leap daily and weekly caps unchanged – in many cases using the Leap ‘purse’ and all the flexibility it offers will now see Leap capped fares lower than weekly tickets 
  • Strong Leap Card value in Cork and Galway

The National Transport Authority has today (October 28, 2014) issued its 2015 fares determinations for Luas and the CIÉ companies (Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and Iarnród Éireann) – covering monthly and annual tickets, cash fares, Leap Card fares and pre-paid tickets1.

The maintenance of subsidy funding for public transport for 2015 at present levels was a welcome announcement in the recent Budget. This has enabled the Authority to moderate the fares increases necessary so that the operators can maintain as far as possible the current level of services and can also respond to sectors where demand is growing and capacity needs to be increased. Also, the Authority aims to increase Leap Card use to simplify fares payments, improve bus journey times and cross-mode transfers. The Authority has also incorporated a wide-ranging structural review of fares across and between all operators, with a view to simplifying and streamlining fares to encourage increased use of public transport by removing some of the confusion that currently exists around anomalous and illogical fares and pricing.

One of the major features is the simplification of the cash and Leap Card fares on Dublin Bus who carry almost 50% of all public transport passengers in the State2. Currently there are 8 adult cash fare types and 8 Leap fares. This will reduce to 4 different adult Leap fares and 5 adult cash fares.

The Authority has continued its plans to increase use of the Leap Card integrated ticket by keeping fares increases to a minimum on the card, when compared to cash.

Gerry Murphy, CEO of the Authority said: “With over 750,000 Leap Cards now in circulation and almost €2 million per week used in travel credit, the Leap Card has clearly been welcomed by the travelling public – both for the convenience and for the value it offers.  In fact, even with the fares increases announced today – a Leap Card fare in 2015 will nearly always be the same as or lower than a cash fare was in 2012.

“Before the end of the year, the Authority will introduce a second-journey-discount on Dublin Bus Leap Card fares (which will be further rolled out to cover all PSO operators in 2015).  This will reduce the cash penalty currently paid by a person who is required to change buses to make their trip from A to B.  Also, an off-peak reduction in Luas fares has been introduced for Leap Card users as the cash fares for peak and off-peak have been merged.

“Already, Leap Card users enjoy considerably lower fares than people paying with cash.  And, with Leap daily and weekly caps staying unchanged for 2015, we are moving to a situation where paying by Leap will soon be better value in many cases for the customer than buying a pre-paid weekly ticket – and will offer additional flexibility on top.

“Recent years have been challenging for the transport companies with reductions in revenues, cumulative cuts to the PSO subsidy payments and increases in fuel costs.  Fares contribute critical revenues, and the Authority’s annual fares determinations aim to strike a balance between the companies’ need to raise revenues so they can continue to offer the same levels of service while at the same time maintaining fares at a realistic level for the customers who use the services every day to get to and from their work, school and home.

“Public transport service quality is also an important factor that influences passenger demand and the Authority has delivered a number of significant cross-operator initiatives such as real time information at bus stops, on Apps and online, the National Journey Planner, the Leap Card, investment in the bus fleet and on-board Wi-Fi, improved public transport maps and the reconfiguration of regional city bus services that to date includes Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford,” he concluded.

For the CIÉ companies (Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and Iarnród Éireann) and Luas the increases to the monthly and annual ticket fares may occur from November 1, 2014, and increases to cash fares can take effect from December 1, 2014.

1 i.e. all fares for services covered by the state’s Public Service Obligation (PSO) subsidy
2 NTA Commercial Bus Services Statistical Bulletin (August 2014)

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