Leap Card

Leap Card

What is a Leap Card?

A Leap Card is a reusable plastic smart card that can be used instead of paper tickets to pay-as-you-go for public transport services in Dublin. It can also be used for Dublin Bus Rambler tickets and tax saver tickets.

What is Travel Credit and how does it work?

Travel Credit works in a similar way to mobile phone credit. Every time you use the card to travel the cost of the journey is deducted. If there is no credit on the card it cannot be used for any further journeys until it is 'Topped Up'. Customers can Top-Up their cards:

  • Online at www.leapcard.ie
  • At Leap Card agents
  • At Luas Ticket Machines
  • At DART and Commuter Rail Ticket Machines in the Short Hop Zone
  • Auto top-up is also available online at www.leapcard.ie

Where can I buy a Leap Card?

There are many hassle free ways to get a Leap Card. Online You can buy a Leap Card online at www.leapcard.ie Leap Card agents There are over 400 Leap Card agent shops around Dublin where you can:
  • Buy a Leap Card
  • Top-Up your Leap Card
  • Collect Travel Credit purchased online (if you nominated the agent network as your collection point).
Go to www.payzone.ie to find the closest agent to you. DART and Commuter Rail Ticket Machines You can now buy and Top-Up your Leap Card at ticket machines in all DART and Commuter Rail stations in the ‘Short Hop Zone’. Cork Travel Credit, 24 hour and 7 day tickets can be purchased at Leap Card agents (PayZone agents). Just look for the Leap Card sign. For a list of Leap Card agents in Cork see www.leapcard.ie

How much does an adult Leap Card cost?

A €5 fully refundable deposit is charged for Adult Leap Cards. When buying your Leap Card you must also top it up with a minimum of €5 Travel Credit.

Why should I register my Leap Card?

Registering your Leap Card means no one can use your card's Travel Credit once you've reported it lost or stolen. You will also be able to view your card history and buy Travel Credit. If you already have your card you can register it at www.leapcard.ie. Your Leap Card will be protected against loss or theft.
  • Once you register your card you don't need to complete an online form for every online Top-Up
  • You can view your card history online
  • You can manage additional Leap Cards through your account (e.g. your child's Leap Card)
  • You can use the auto top-up function

How do I Top-Up?

Leap Card holders can Top-Up their card in over 400 agents throughout Dublin. Simply bring your Leap Card to the counter, and the person at the till will do the transaction for you.Leap Cards can also be Topped-Up at all Luas, DART and Commuter Rail ticket machines in the ‘Short Hop Zone’:
  1. Place the card in the pocket provided.
  2. Select the Top-Up amount from options shown on the screen.
  3. Insert the amount selected - notes/coins/credit or debit cards accepted.
  4. Remove the Leap Card from the pocket as indicated on screen.
Your Leap Card is now Topped-Up and ready for immediate use.     Leap Cards can also be Topped-Up online:
  1. Go to www.leapcard.ie
  2. Click 'Top-Up'.
  3. Enter your card number.
  4. Select Top-Up amount and load location.
  5. Make your payment by credit/debit card.
  6. Collect your Top-Up at your nominated Load Location.
Auto Top-Up Function
 If you register your Leap Card you can select the auto top-up function this offers the user the facility to automatically reload their Card with value for a pre-determined amount from their bank account when the value on their Leap Card falls below a certain threshold. Registered Leap Card users can opt-in by signing into their online account at LeapCard.ie.

Where can I use my Leap Card?

Currently Leap Cards can be used on:
  • Dublin Bus
  • DART and Commuter Rail
  • Luas
  • Bus Éireann in Dublin and surrounding counties; Cork city; and Galway city
  • City Direct (Galway city)
  • Wexford Bus
  • Swords Express
  • Matthews Coaches
  • Collins Coaches
More details are available at www.leapcard.ie or the relevant transport operator website.

What is the “short hop zone”?

The 'short hop zone' is Irish Rail’s Dublin area network. Leap Card can be used for rail travel between stations within the 'short hop zone'. This zone includes all stations in the Dublin area from Greystones to Balbriggan and commuter stations from Dublin City Centre to Maynooth and from Dublin Heuston to Hazelhatch.

How do I view my Travel Credit balance?

You can view your balance at a Luas Ticket Machine. Put your card in the card 'pocket' and then follow the instructions on the ticket vending machine screen. If you register your card at online, you can also view your balance on you online account.

How much are Leap Card fares?

Using your Leap Card to pay for your journey is generally cheaper than cash. Click here to view a summary of Leap Card fares.

Why does my card not validate properly sometimes?

Validators may on occasion fail to identify the Touch-On / Touch-Off. It is up to the customer to ensure the card has been read successfully. The two main reasons for card failure are:
1. Incorrect positioning of the Leap Card
If the Leap Card is not placed against the 'target' on the validator, it will not be read. Ensure that the card is held steadily against the 'target' on the validator for at least a second. Do not wave the card over the validator. Just hold it there until the beep. On DART and Commuter Rail, do not put the Leap Card into the horizontal paper ticket slot on a gate.  
2. Other smart card interference
Remove the Leap Card from your wallet or bag before using it. Other cards you may have in your wallet or bag can cause interference with your Leap Card, which will make it inoperable.

I think I have been charged too much for a journey I made on Luas, DART or Commuter Rail.

Did you Touch-Off last time you used the card? If not – for example, if you exited a platform without Touching-Off then the system will charge you the maximum fare. If you believe you did Touch-Off or if you believe there was a problem with the system on the day you travelled, then call customer care at 1850 824 824 and we’ll investigate the issue.