Top Tips for Security of your Bike

Below are on Tips on Security from the Dublin Cycle Campaign – they made a useful video with Dublin City Council and the Gardaí here.


– You should be spending at least 10% of the value of your bike on locks, this should not be much less than €50

– Although locks all may look the same to you a thief will know the difference and will target a cheaper lock as it will be a lot easier to force open

– Buying two different types of locks is often the best option; thieves will often carry a lock cutter for one type of lock, but not both

Tips for locking your bike

– Best to lock your bike to the ‘Sheffield’ type stands where they are available

– Always lock the wheels as well as the frame as your bike is less likely to fall to the ground and be damaged or cause an obstacle for pedestrians.

– Many bikes come with ‘quick release’ wheels, these are easily stolen, your local bike shop can change the quick release part for less than €20 for both wheels. This goes for quick release saddle too, best to change the quick release there also

– Do not leave slack on a cable or chain lock, this creates an opportunity to lever the lock open, so wrap any loose cable or chain around again

– Do not leave the lock close to the ground, this creates an opportunity to smash the lock open with a hammer

– Many bikes are stolen because of what they are locked to not what they are locked with, make sure whatever you lock your bike to can not be moved or lifted like some poles can be

– Avoid poles if you can, you bike can easily fall over resulting in damage to your wheels

– Always lock your bike even at home in the shed or in work etc…

– If your locking your bike in Dublin City Centre consider using the Drury Street Car Park, they have a large section allocated to bikes

Store It Securely

More than half of all bicycle thefts occur on the owner’s property. Remember to always secure your cycle – indoors, in a locked shed, or locked to a stairwell or approved storage area.

Record Your Info

Write down your bicycle model, make and frame number and take photos of your bike and you with your bike. This assists the Gardaí in returning recovered bikes to their owners.  Some Garda stations will take your bike details. You can also use to record your details.

The frame serial number on a bicycle can be found on the frame near one of the places highlighted

The Gardai post pictures of stolen bikes on the Flickr photo-sharing site here.

Click here for Garda security info sheet