General FAQs

What is the National Journey Planner?

The National Journey Planner is a door-to-door journey planner that provides service information, directions, and time estimates for taking a journey on public transport.

How is the National Journey Planner different from other Journey Planners?

The National Journey Planner is the only planner that provides information for all licenced public transport services available anywhere in Ireland (including walking portions). The National Journey Planner offers information and comparison options for the following types of public transport:

– Bus

– Rail

– Tram

– Ferry

– Taxi

What information does the National Journey Planner provide to help select the best trip?

The National Journey Planner provides a comparison of options for your journey on public transport including all the services available. An overview of each option of these journeys will be displayed, along with the other alternatives available.

What are the advanced features of the National Journey Planner?

Advanced features of the National Journey Planner include the ability for you to select:

– The type of public transport you wish to use

– Walking speed to and from stops and between your origin and destination

– The fastest route, the route with least walking or the route with the least changes

– Routes that take you via another location

Will the National Journey Planner offer additional features in the future?

Features still to come include real time public transport information added to your journey planner and a cycle journey planner. In addition, updates and improvements to the National Journey Planner will take place on a regular basis.

What Internet browsers does the Journey Planner work with?

All browsers except Safari are supported

What if I want more information?

Please visit www.Transportfor for the latest information

Do you track my journey plan requests?

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