Go-Ahead Ireland Information


What is Go-Ahead Ireland responsible for?

Go-Ahead Ireland (GAI) is a private bus operator. On Sunday 9th September 2018, it launched its first Dublin operation, on the NTA’s new TFI Route 175 between Citywest and UCD. Between now and January 2019, GAI will commence the operation of another 23 bus routes in Dublin as stipulated by a contract between the NTA and GAI. 

Why is Go-Ahead Ireland operating these routes?

In 2017, the National Transport Authority (NTA) awarded Go-Ahead Ireland the tender to operate approximately 10% of the current bus network in Dublin consisting of the ODMA (Outer Dublin Metropolitan Area) Public Service Obligation (PSO) bus routes. This 10% of routes is made up of one new bus route – the 175 – and 23 existing ones.