Good for the Environment and the Economy

Cars produce an average of 0.3kg of CO2 per km travelled.

That’s more than 20 balloons of C02 per km. (working from a TfL stat on their cycling page) Cycling 5km each way to work instead of driving saves an average of 0.6 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and reduces the effects of global warming. Substituting car trips with bike trips also helps the environment by reducing noise pollution, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons.

Hundreds of millions are spent on road maintenance on Irish roads every year (from NRA annual report and DoE non-national road grant information). More cars and heavier vehicles on our roads accelerate the process of wear and tear. Cycling has a negligible impact on road surface quality so replacing car trips with bike trips could save us all millions in road maintenance costs.