Good for your Health


All adults need to accumulate moderate intensity aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes on five days a week. This can be built up during the day, for example by 2 x 15 minutes’ walk part of the way to work or public transport stop, or a 35 minute walk home from work. Walking can easily fit into your daily lifestyle at work, at home and at leisure. Perhaps walk part of your regular journey one or two days a week, walk to meetings, or get off the bus stop a few stops earlier.

The main benefits of walking are:

– Reducing risk of stroke and heart disease – Over 20% of coronary heart disease and 10% of stroke is due to physical inactivity.

– Exercising the Heart and lungs

– Strengthening and toning muscles

– Relieving stress

Try using a Pedometer to keep a record of how much you walk

The Irish Heart Foundation has a Step Challenge Card to record activity. You can set personal goals and watch your activity levels increase each week. Read more about the Slí challenge here.

Did you know? In 2011, 3,300 people in 40 companies participated in the National Transport Authority Smarter Travel Workplaces Partner Pedometer Challenge. The numbers Walking to Work more than doubled over the course of the four-week challenge.