How do I recover/claim for my lost property in a taxi?


It is not unusual for passengers to leave items such as umbrellas, gloves or mobile phones behind when they get out of a taxi or hackney. If this happens to you, here’s what to do:

– If you booked your cab through a dispatch operator, contact the dispatch operator as soon as possible: they may be able to help you get your property back.

– If the driver cannot return the item to you directly, they will generally hand it in to their nearest Garda station. An Garda Síochána is responsible for lost property handed in by SPSV (small public service vehicle) operators. When property is handed in, it is retained a minimum of 31 days up to 366 days at the discretion of An Garda Síochána depending on the nature or a value of the item, to enable the owner to reclaim it. You should contact your local Garda Station who can advise you if it has been handed in to any Garda station.

– The Gardaí have a better chance of retrieving your property if you can provide them with the licence number of the cab you were in – this is shown on your receipt.

– If the item has not been handed in when you first make the enquiry, it may be worthwhile to ask again a week or so later, as the driver might not hand the item in immediately it has been found. The Gardaí will ask you for proof of identity before handing over any property.