What are the main features of the National Journey Planner mapping system?

The National Journey Planner map is designed as an expandable slippy map for easy zooming and panning on a series of map tiles. Its primary purposes are to display journey plan routes, points, and associated information, also showing public transport stops and service information for the stop selected. To see the stops the map needs to be zoomed into its maximum.

What is the Map Window for?

The Map Window has two main functions – when you plan a journey you can use the map window to select the route from here and route to here locations by right button clicking on the map at your selected locations. The Map window will also show you the route you select from the various route options

Can I make the Map bigger and move the map to another area?

By double clicking on the map window or the arrow at the bottom left-hand side of the map a larger window opens, you can then use the scale bar or mouse wheel to zoom in and out. To move the map (pan) you can either use the compass points on the map or left click and hold the mouse. By clicking outside the map or on the close window icon will return the user to the front page.

How do I see different elements of a journey plan on the map?

In the journey window for each element of a selected journey a map icon is shown. By selecting that icon or the PDF icon next to it, a map for that element will be shown.