Other Journey Planner Features

What is ‘take neighbouring stops into account’ for?

The ‘take neighbouring stops into account for origin and destination’ function in advanced settings selects several stops in a small around the origin and destination’ locations selected. It is particularly useful if you are selecting an actual stop and are not, sure which one it is from a list e.g. where two stops are close together or on opposite sides of the road or have similar names. This is because if you select a stop the National Journey Planner will try to work out a journey plan even if the stop is on the wrong side of the road.

Does the National Journey Planner have auto-refresh capabilities so that journey results shown on the screen are always up to date?

No, the National Journey Planner does not currently auto-refresh; therefore, the time of travel may have to be changed to reflect the current time.

The e-mail feature is not successful in sending the journey plan to some e-mail addresses. Why can’t it send the e-mail?

The National Journey Planner should be successful in sending an e-mail to recipients who do not have restrictions on incoming mail. Depending on the recipient’s e-mail options/configuration, it may be considered as spam mail and therefore be blocked.

How do I give Feedback?

The journey planner is continually developing and improving and your feedback on its content is most welcome. To send feedback please use the link on the home page.

How do I change languages?

Select the most appropriate country flag near the top right of the Journey Planner.

Can I change the size of the Text to make it easier to see?

Yes by selecting the different text sizes A   A   A you can increase or decrease the text size.

What is the Text Version for?

The text version is a style of the National Journey Planner that has reduced features and functions. If there are compatibility issues accessing the full version, if you are using certain browsers or on certain PC’s and slow internet connections, you may find using the text version useful.

Are there Apps available for the Journey Planner – to use on Smartphones?

The National Journey Planner has Apps specifically developed for Android and Apple Smartphones. They can be downloaded free on your smartphone.