Planning a Journey

What can I enter in the search boxes for From and To?

The National Journey Planner will search for

– Addresses,

– Localities e.g. Naas, Sligo

– Points of Interest (POI)

– Bus, Train and Rail stops

Entering addresses or localities first will generally have a higher likelihood of finding a match.

Points of Interest (POI’s) are being added to and currently include a variety of features such as civic facilities, hospitals, sports stadium, parks, and tourist attractions. The POI database will be updated on a regular basis

How else can I find a location if the right match does not appear through a text search in From and To boxes?

A dropdown menu is provided to help you locate addresses, localities, points of interest, rail bus, tram stops, ferry terminals, and landmarks. This is most useful if you can’t recall or aren’t sure of the names of facilities you’re searching for, but may recognize them on a list.

Why does the calendar only allow me to plan trips up to 6 months in advance?

The National Journey Planner receives schedule service information from transport operators that are in operation for a varying amount of time The National Journey Planner also regularly receives schedule changes from transport operators that are included in the journey planner. These schedule changes are often not available from the operators until sometime between 1 month and a few days before the changes take effect. Although the National Journey Planner will provide a journey plan up to 6 months in advance It is advisable to check again closer to the actual date required in case any changes have been made.

What are the default settings for the National Journey Planner?

The default settings represent the expected requirements for the majority of users. They include:

– The current time and date and ‘depart’ are selected by default

– All means of transport are selected by default

– The preferred walking time of 20 minutes is selected by default

– The walking speed normal (4km/h) is selected by default

– The fastest routes are selected by default

How does each of the default mode journey selections work in general? Why does it appear that they are not always followed in the itineraries output?

Based on the default preferences, the National Journey Planner will attempt to find trips that best match those criteria. There are cases however, where trips cannot be found with the given locations, desired time of travel, and default preferences. In these cases, the journey planner may relax some of the criteria in the preferences to deliver at least some journey itineraries.

Why are all of the mode choices pre-checked?

Part of the intent of the National Journey Planner is to make users aware of quick, at a glance alternative for their journeys, and help compare the times and services for the journeys. The pre-checked modes allow this to happen without the user having to think about this. Users can uncheck these if they don’t want certain modes coming up in the journey option comparisons.

What are some of the ways to use Advanced Settings?

The advance settings allow the user to customise the journey planer to their individual requirements. Example – the speed and distance we wish walk varies amongst individuals, using the ‘walking speed and preferred walking time in advanced settings allows the user to more closely select journey plans that meet their needs .
Note that the National Journey Planner may override and not apply some of these advanced options when those preferences result in trips that are either illogical or significantly worse than the more standard trips along these routes.

How do I plan a reverse journey?

The National Journey Planner provides a quick button located between the ‘from and to’ panels which will reverse the journey entered and provide an updated journey plan.

Is there a capability for walking trips or bicycling trips?

All-walking trips will sometimes be shown as an option for very short trips as one of the alternatives. However, walking itself is not selectable as a separate mode. Bicycle trips are not currently included

Which Transport providers are included in the National Journey Planner?

All licenced operators of scheduled public transport in Ireland who have provided us with information of their services to a suitable accuracy and format have been included in the National Journey Planner

What does the Transport updates tab show?

By opening the Transport updates tab you will see the latest information about services, disruptions etc.

Why does the National Journey Planner sometimes show locations that are not precisely located at the intended point when I click on the map to set a journey plan point?

The National Journey Planner will approximate the location you are placing when you manually select a point by clicking it on the map. Zooming in more closely on the map before clicking to set the point may improve the accuracy of your intended location placement.

I am manually clicking on the map to set my ‘route from here’ and ‘route to here’. How can I easily change one of the points if I accidentally click on the wrong place on the map?

To change a location point that you have placed in the wrong spot on the map, you simply right click on the correct location and a new journey plan is generated. Replacing the text in the ‘From and To’ boxes will also allow you to then set points for those locations”. If for some reason this does not work, click ‘New Journey’ and start again.