How do the Printing functions work?

Printing is set up to offer several variations that are displayed on a preview page before printing. The Journey plans can be printed with or without the accompanying maps and you can also print just the map and what you currently see displayed on it. In addition you can also print timetables for the origin and destination and any individual service

How do I print a journey plan?

Any number of journey plans can be selected using the print menu and each element of a journey plan can also be selected for printing by expanding the individual journey tab
The Print version of the journey plan will expand the details for journey basics, preferences selected, walking directions, detailed schedule alternatives around the planned journey time, and parking options as applicable.

By default, the Print version of the journey plan will show both text and overview maps, but these can be chosen to display or not display as preferred. Detailed Maps can also be selected for each journey element.

Can I save a print out?

Most print material can be saved in PDF file format. This file then can be, stored, emailed, and printed later.

How can I see and print out a timetable?

The Journey Planner can produce timetables for all services. The timetables are in pdf format and can therefore be viewed, saved emailed or printed at any time.
Individual timetables can be viewed by using find a timetable tab. In addition, if you select an individual journey plan the origin and destination services will be available to download.