Top Tips for Promoting Cycling in the Workplace


The National Transport Authority fund the Smarter Travel Workplaces Programme to support sustainable commuting and travel choices in large workplaces.

At the end of 2011, 102 workplaces in both the public and private sectors were engaged in the scheme, involving over 240,000 individuals, including college students. Partners in the programme include Accenture, Cork City Council, Deloitte, Dublin Institute of Technology, ESB, Eirgrid, Letterkenny General Hospital, Microsoft, National University of Ireland Galway, Oracle, Pfizer, Savills, Trinity College Dublin and Vodafone.

The National Transport Authority have developed a Workplace Travel Plan Guide for Implementers to assist organisations to develop Travel Plans.
















Cycle Parking

– Good Cycle Parking is one of the effective ways of promoting cycling. Install or renovate cycle parking. Ideally it should be sheltered, secure, near entrances and well lit.

– Cycle parking should enable someone to lock their wheel and frame to the stand, so that the bikes can’t fall over. Sheffield Stand type design is probably the best known example of this type of facility. The stands can be used on both sides, and should be set between 1.20m and 1.50m apart to allow the cyclist enough room to place and access the bicycle.

– Ensure that keys or access cards or access codes to cycle parking are readily available to employees, and that they know who to contact for them.

– Provide and publicise cycle parking for visitors.

For more information on Bicycle Parking see section 5.5 of the national cycle manual


Cyclists’ Facilities

Improve or install showers and lockers for those who walk or cycle.


Bike Maintenance Classes and Kit

Support bike sales with a bike maintenance class or Doctor Bike. Invite your Cycle to Work supplier or a local bike shop to organise something for you.

Supply basic bike maintenance kit in reception (e.g. pump, puncture repair kit, visi-vest & lights) and publicise its availability.


Fleet Bikes

Consider fleet bikes for staff to use on business during the day or to try cycling before buying a bike. The ESB, the Mater Hospital and the Dublin Airport Authority all have fleet bike schemes in place.

Did you know? The ESB has 10 fleet bikes available in its Head Office on Fitzwilliam Street, for meeting or to try commuting by bike, “The fleet bikes have been a great success. People who haven’t been on a bike in years are trying out cycling again before purchasing a bike, or people can use them to get to meetings quickly”.  Michael Downey, Communications Manager, Sustainability, ESB


Cycle Training

Provide Cycle Training for cyclists who want to gain confidence or who are getting back on their bikes for the first time in years. Cycle training can be done in a number of ways, for example – through a Buddy System where an experienced cyclist shows a route to a new cyclist, or through classes organised with a commercial supplier. Smarter Travel Workplaces can give you contact details of suppliers.

Cycling Networks

Organise the setting up of a Bicycle User Group (or BUG) to promote cycling further. BUGs discuss common interests and problems, or introduce ‘new’ cyclists to more experienced mentors in the organisation. Well-organised BUGs or cycling clubs can register with Cycling Ireland: see