Top tips for promoting walking for the commute


The National Transport Authority fund the Smarter Travel Workplaces Programme to support sustainable commuting and travel choices in large workplaces.

At the end of 2011, 102 workplaces in both the public and private sectors were engaged in the scheme, involving over 240,000 individuals, including college students. Partners in the programme include Accenture, Cork City Council, Deloitte, Dublin Institute of Technology, ESB, Eirgrid, Letterkenny General Hospital, Microsoft, National University of Ireland Galway, Oracle, Pfizer, Savills, Trinity College Dublin and Vodafone.

The National Transport Authority have developed a Step-by-Step Guide to Travel Plans for Employers

For resources or more information on the programme, please see


Put local area maps on display in receptions and stairwells. If there are local walking routes, mark these on the maps.

Slí na Sláinte Walking Routes

The Irish Heart Foundation can map Slí na Sláinte walking routes around large buildings or campuses. Contact 01 668 5001.


Keep umbrellas branded with your organisation’s logo in reception to be signed out by employees on rainy days.

Lunchtime Walking Routes

Human Resources (or a walking club in your organisation) could organise coffee mornings for interested walkers and suggest some lunchtime walking routes for them. This helps to create a culture of walking within the organisation, which will feed into modal choice on the commute.

You can complement this by advertising other walking events outside work, e.g. orienteering or hiking groups in the local area.

Branding Walking

Give walkers corporate-branded shoe bags to store their walking shoes once they get to work. This is particularly relevant for organisations with a formal dress code.

Site Audit

How good is the environment on your site for people walking through it? Ideally it should be attractive, with good natural surveillance and well-maintained footpaths and lighting.

Review your site, looking at ‘desire lines’ (e.g. do marked paths follow the routes that people want to take, or do they have to go through bushes or grass to get to their destination), footpaths, lighting, surveillance, cleanliness, ease of access, overgrown plants, etc. Liaise with your Local Authority about issues outside your organisation’s site.

Employee Wellbeing Programmes

Link in with employee wellbeing programmes to promote one-day-a-week walking promotions.