Public transport fares have been reduced by an average of 20% across Transport for Ireland bus, train and tram services.

The TFI 90-Minute Fare in the Greater Dublin Area is just €2.00 for adults, €1.00 for young adults (19-25) and students in full-time third level education or professional training and €0.65 for children when using a TFI Leap Card. The TFI 90-Minute Fare applies to most journeys made in the Dublin area on Dublin City Bus services (operated by Dublin Bus and Go-Ahead Ireland), Luas and most DART, commuter rail (zones 1 to 4 in the Short Hop Zone).

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You can travel around regional cities including Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford for only €1.35 (down from €1.68) for adults and €0.65 (down from €0.80) for children using a TFI Leap Card.

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Offering 50% off fares the new Young Adult Leap Card is now available to all those aged 19 – 25. The Student Leap Card is still available to students in full-time third level education or training.