Available Apps

Image of an android phone with the TFI Leap App open and showing the balance on the card.

TFI Leap Top-Up App

TFI Leap Top-up App is a free app for NFC (near-field communication) enabled Android phones. It allows you to instantly top-up your TFI Leap Card, check your balance, collect and buy tickets and check how close you are to reaching your daily and weekly cap values.

Once downloaded, simply hold your TFI Leap Card to the back of your NFC-enabled Android smartphone to instantly top-up your TFI Leap Card, collect a pre-paid ticket, or check your balance.

TFI Leap Top-up App is only available on Android. Apple has protected the use of its NFC chip and has prevented its use by third parties. While Apple has opened up some NFC capabilities to developers of third party apps, they have still kept restrictions in place. As a result we are unfortunately prevented from using the NFC chip in a way that would allow us to develop a TFI Leap Top-up App for iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Check the current balance of your TFI Leap Card.
  • Top-up instantly by using the dial to select a top-up value or tap to enter your desired amount.
  • Purchase pre-paid tickets (for example Dublin Bus Rambler and Bus Éireann Zonal tickets) and instantly load onto your TFI Leap Card.
  • Collect pre-paid tickets e.g. Bus Éireann TaxSaver tickets or tickets bought online from LeapCard.ie
  • View your last 5 transactions.
  • View how close you are to daily/weekly capping values.
  • Receive receipts by way of email for top-ups or purchases made through the app
  • Save your payment details.
  • View your card information at a glance.
  • View Ticket information for tickets on your TFI Leap Card.





Image of iPhone with TFI Journey Planner App open and showing real time information.

TFI Journey Planner App

The TFI Journey Planner App from Transport for Ireland is the only journey planner that provides timetable and map information from all licenced public transport providers across Ireland. It is the only app that allows you to plan and start your journey from your doorstep.

It provides plans for trains, buses, trams, ferry and taxi services, and combines them into easy to read journey plans. The app acts like a door-to-door route planner and has information about scheduled departures and trips near your current location, and from any specified point. Your plans can be for now or any time in the future.

To plan your journey select the ‘trips’ option in the menu, type in your departure point and where you would like to travel to. The app will then show you a number of options varying from walking, bus, Luas and so on. Select the option that best suits you and the app will display your route, along with (where possible) how much the trip will cost you in cash or the TFI Leap Card fare.

Key Features:

  • Interactive and fully integrated Trip Planner.
  • All Ireland coverage (all 32 counties).
  • All licensed public transport operators included.
  • All modes of public transport including trains, buses, and trams from transport providers such as Dublin Bus, Luas, Bus Éireann, DART, Commuter Rail, AirCoach and so on.
  • Displays stops near you.
  • Dynamic zoom and scroll mapping.
  • GPS using “my location”.
  • Updating maps “on the go”.
  • Saves favourite locations and recent journeys.
  • Email and in calendar functions.



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TFI Real Time Ireland App

The TFI Real Time Ireland App from Transport for Ireland is the only app that integrates all real time information services from Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann, Go-Ahead Ireland, DART, Iarnród Éireann and Luas services. The app provides live updates, helping you plan your journey efficiently on the TFI public transport network.

You can search by route or by stop number. Simply click on the menu and select the relevant option. There is also an interactive map available, with each stop labelled. Once you’ve located your stop, tap, and the app will direct you to the departures page.

Key Features:

  • Real-time departure information and travel updates from Go-Ahead Ireland, Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann, DART, Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail and Luas services
  • Starred favourites can be set up so you can quickly access real-time bus / Luas / train information relevant to your own journey
  • Up-to-date information on all your bus / Luas / train arrivals
  • Stops and routes can be viewed
  • Route Line maps for all services with live bus positions for Dublin Bus


The Transport for Ireland team welcome any feedback you may have about the TFI Real Time Ireland App. To submit feedback please email info@nationaltransport.ie.


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Image of iPhone with TFI Driver Check app open on screen.

TFI Driver Check App

The TFI Driver Check App is a service provided by Transport for Ireland. It allows users to check that the vehicle they are about to hire has been registered correctly and that the driver has the appropriate license to operate the vehicle.  If the information appears incorrect, it is possible to submit a report.

Users can check these details, including a photo of the driver and can forward this information to a friend (minus the photo). This is to provide reassurance to the user that they are travelling safely and that there is a record of their trip.

All of Ireland’s taxis, hackneys, limousines and all SPSV (Small Public Service Vehicles) drivers are covered by this app. This includes rural locations as well as cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford.

Users can search by:

  • The car registration number.
  • The vehicle taxi licence number (displayed on roof-sign and on door signs).
  • The driver licence number (displayed on the ID card on the dashboard of the vehicle).
  • Scanning appropriate QR codes, which are located on a disc on both the front and rear windscreens.


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Cycle Planner App

TFI Cycle Planner App

The TFI Cycle Planner App from Transport for Ireland provides information on the best cycling routes for trips in the Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford city areas.

If you are new to cycling or getting out on the bike after a long break, the TFI Cycle Planner will find a route that avoids roads with heavy traffic and also avoids difficult turns at busy junctions to help you get comfortable cycling your bike around town.

For the more advanced cyclists the cycle planner will tell you about the most direct route to take while still recommending cycle tracks where they exist.

To use TFI Cycle Planner type in your departure point and where you would like to travel to, you can also select an option for bringing your bike on a train or using bike hire. Depending on your needs, the app will direct you to a number of options. Simply select the relevant option and begin your journey.

Key Features:

  • Easier Routes – Avoid heavy traffic
  • Balanced Routes – Expect some traffic
  • Direct Routes – possible heavy traffic
  • Save routes for offline use
  • Avoid difficult junction manoeuvres
  • Avoid Hills
  • Navigation / audible warnings when off route
  • Take bike on Train
  • Use City Bike Hire Bikes
  • Calorie counter / chocolate bar index
  • Themed Routes
  • Elevation information


For more information on the cycle planner app see here.


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