Dementia: Understand Together launch new dementia inclusive community symbol

Transport for Ireland (TFI) are proud to be part of the Dementia: Understand Together campaign by supporting the launch of the new dementia inclusive community symbol.

The new symbol has been developed with people with dementia at its heart. TFI are joining 40 other partners, ranging from voluntary and community groups, health services and academia to retail and financial services to take action to help support people with dementia, their families and friends.

Dementia: Understand Together campaign objectives include:

  • To increase awareness of dementia and its impact on individuals, families and communities.
  • To help communicate the lived experience of people living with dementia and those caring for them.
  • To provide reliable information about dementia and signposting to services and supports to help those living with dementia, those caring for them, health professionals and the general public.
  • To build on and support greater co-ordination of dementia programmes and initiatives across Ireland.

By understanding together, we can all make a difference and help people in our communities to stay connected and included. If you’d like to join the campaign, find out more, complete training and/or order promotional materials visit