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Data can be freely downloaded from this page. There are conditions of re-use of these data.

The conditions for re-use are here

The contents of this page changes to reflect the current public transport schedules on the day the page is accessed.

You should check back here if you are unsure if you have the current dataset.

Luas Green Line Posters download
Dublin Bus PAT data Sample Jan 2017


Rural Transport Routes - Shpfile format Download
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Rural Transport Routes - Google Earth format (KMZ) Download
Rural Transport Destinations - Google Earth format (KMZ) Download
Design Guidelines for the Creation of Public Transport Information Download
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New* Sample SIRI_ET data

Format   Operator Format
Go-Ahead Ireland GTFS        
Format   Operator Format
LUAS Replacement Bus GTFS        
Dublin Bus GTFS         Dublin Bus   VDV452 from Nov2013
VDV452 from July 2014
Kenneallys GTFS     TransXchange (includes Suirway)
Local Link GTFS      
Irish Rail GTFS      
Ferries GTFS      
M and A Coaches GTFS      
Finnegans GTFS      
Citylink GTFS      
NiteLinks GTFS      
Bus Eireann GTFS   Bus Eireann   VDV452
McGeehan GTFS      
Kilbride GTFS      
Express Bus GTFS      
Ed Moore GTFS      
Collins Coaches GTFS      
Single Route Operators GTFS      
Dublin Coach GTFS      
Burkes GTFS      
Healy GTFS      
Kearns GTFS      
Joseph Foley GTFS      
Buggy GTFS      
JJ Kavanagh GTFS      
City Direct GTFS      
Air Coach GTFS   Aircoach TransXchange
Matthews GTFS      
Wexford Bus GTFS   Wexford Bus TransXchange
Dualway GTFS      
Tralee People's GTFS      
Slieve Bloom GTFS      
McGinley GTFS      
Swords Express GTFS      
Suirway GTFS     TransXchange (Suirway & Kennealys)
S Doherty GTFS      
PJ Martley GTFS      
Mortons GTFS      
McGray GTFS      
McGrath GTFS      
Mangans GTFS      
Lally Coaches GTFS      
Halpenny GTFS      
Eurobus GTFS      
Donnelly's GTFS      
C Madigan GTFS      
Bernard Kavanagh GTFS      
Patrick Kenneally GTFS      
Farragher GTFS      
Feda Teoranta