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The following bus routes in Dublin are now operated by Go-Ahead Ireland on behalf of Transport for Ireland:


Go-Ahead Ireland (GAI) is private bus operator and also a part of The Go-Ahead Group, a global transport provider based in the United Kingdom.

In 2017, the National Transport Authority (NTA) awarded Go-Ahead Ireland the tender to operate up to 10% of the current bus network in Dublin consisting of the ODMA (Outer Dublin Metropolitan Area) Public Service Obligation (PSO) bus routes.

On Sunday 9th September 2018, GAI launched their first Dublin operation on Transport for Ireland’s (TFI) new route 175 between Citywest and University College Dublin (UCD). Since its formation GAI has commenced operation of 23 bus services throughout the Greater Dublin Area (GDA).

The NTA / TFI are responsible for determining the routes operated by Go-Ahead Ireland and setting / approving of bus fares. The routes are determined based on the service needs of the public.


‘Fare capping’ is valid on Go Ahead Ireland buses when using your TFI Leap Card. If you make lots of trips in a day or a week Leap will automatically cap the price. For more information on what cap value applies to Go Ahead Ireland, please visit the TFI Leap Card website.

If you are using your TFI Leap Card for two or more journeys on Go Ahead Ireland within 90 minutes, the Leap 90 discount will be automatically applied.


Go Ahead Ireland accepts passengers with assistance dogs. They must wear a harness or a jacket so that the driver is aware that they are an assistance dog. There is no limit to the amount of assistance dogs a driver can allow on board, as long as there is space. It is important that the assistance dog does not block the aisle or seats.

There is space for one wheelchair on the lower floor of the bus.

Please be advised that if you use a mobility scooter you will need a permit. This is to ensure that the scooter is passed as safe to travel and because not all mobility scooters can be accommodated due to their size.

Go Ahead Ireland operates a Travel Assistance Scheme for the Greater Dublin Area which helps you use public transport on your own. An assistant will accompany you the first few times to give advice and help navigate the network. This scheme is available to Go Ahead Ireland, Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Luas.

For more information on accessibility, please visit the Go Ahead Ireland website.

For service and operational updates we recommend following @GoAheadIreland on Twitter.

Real Time Passenger Information

Real time information is currently available via the TFI Journey Planner App. Download for free through the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Just select the “departures” section of the Journey Planner App for live real time information.

Download Apple Journey Planner travel app for Ireland  Download Journey Planner travel Android app for Ireland

Contact Details

Web:  https://www.goaheadireland.ie/accessibility

Email:  customercomment@goaheadireland.ie

Phone: 1850 80 40 71


12 Ballymount Road Lower,

Ballymount Little,


Dublin 12

Facebook: https://d.facebook.com/goaheadireland12/

Twitter:  @GoAheadIreland


Frequently Asked Questions

Bus Fares and Passes

How can I pay for these Go-Ahead Ireland routes? The following can be used on all Go-Ahead Ireland bus services; cash (exact change only), TFI Leap Card, Dublin Bus Rambler, Annual & Monthly TaxSaver tickets and the Free Travel Pass.

Can Go-Ahead Ireland tickets be honoured on Dublin Bus services in the event of a breakdown or disruption in service?
No, Dublin Bus will not accept your Go-Ahead Ireland ticket. Should such a situation occur, the customer is advised to contact Go-Ahead Ireland to get a refund. Details are at https://www.goaheadireland.ie/

Who sets bus fares? All bus fares are set and approved by the NTA/Transport for Ireland.

Go-Ahead Ireland Information

What is Go-Ahead Ireland responsible for? Go-Ahead Ireland (GAI) is a private bus operator. On Sunday 9th September 2018, it launched its first Dublin operation, on the NTA’s new TFI Route 175 between Citywest and UCD. Between now and January 2019, GAI will commence the operation of another 23 bus routes in Dublin as stipulated by a contract between the NTA and GAI. 
Why is Go-Ahead Ireland operating these routes? In 2017, the National Transport Authority (NTA) awarded Go-Ahead Ireland the tender to operate approximately 10% of the current bus network in Dublin consisting of the ODMA (Outer Dublin Metropolitan Area) Public Service Obligation (PSO) bus routes. This 10% of routes is made up of one new bus route – the 175 – and 23 existing ones.

Go Ahead Ireland route updates 17, 17A, 104, 114, 220/220A (commenced June 16th 2019)

Go-Ahead Ireland passengers kindly note from Sunday 16th June 2019 a number of timetable changes will come into effect on the following Dublin based routes:

17 (Blackrock-Rialto)

Morning peak departures more evenly spaced. As an example, during peak times buses left approximately every 15 mins, the new changes see the 17 leave every 10 minutes from Rialto between 0640 and 0710

  • Apart from the 17D route, all journeys operate the entire length of the route (i.e. there are no short trip, for example terminating at UCD mid route) with the majority now servicing both UCD and continuing to Blackrock
  • The 17C route no longer operates, all the previous 17C journeys are converted into 17 journeys meaning UCD is served on every trip
  • Please be aware, as UCD is a driver switchover stop area, there will be occasions when buses are standing, with passengers on the bus, for a short time.

17A (Blanchardstown to Kilbarrack)

  • Morning peak departures more evenly spaced. As an example, during peak times buses left approximately every 15 mins, the new changes see them leave at 10-minute intervals, from Kilbarrack, between 0655 and 0750
  • From Blanchardstown it remains every 15 minutes between 0635 and 0820.

104 (Clontarf Road – DCU)

  • All trip running times have been reviewed with added time being allocated for the route to be completed
  • Departures/Arrivals at DCU are moved slightly to better make Lecture start/end times
  • On Sunday, the last two trips continue all the way through to Clontarf Station (as opposed to terminating at Beaumont Hospital)
  • Schedules have been revised on this route so that most arrive in DCU a quarter to the hour and leave approximately 10 mins after the hour; this is to facilitate the start and end of lectures.

114 (Blackrock – Ticknock)

  • All trip running times have been reviewed with added time being allocated for the route to be completed.

220/220A (Lady’s Well Road – DCU)

  • All trip running times have been reviewed with added time being allocated for the route to be completed
  • Departures tend to leave Blanchardstown earlier than previously – this is due to the additional running time required
  • 08:42 from Lady’s Well Road now leaves at 08:10 in order to make arrivals for school starting time
  • Stop 94 on Ballymun Road will no longer be served by the 220/220A. This is due to the fact the bus must cross several lanes of traffic to turn right at the next junction.

These changes, approved by Transport for Ireland, aim to improve convenience and enhance customer experience for our passengers.

Go-Ahead Ireland Routes 18, 76 and 76a (commenced March 24th 2019)

Service Updates

Route 18 Palmerstown Village to Sandymount
  • The routing of the 18 remains unchanged, with minor timetable changes.
  • Weekend timetables have been significantly enhanced with additional services.
Route 76,76a – Tallaght to Liffey Valley/Blanchardstown
  • The routing of the 76 and 76a remain unchanged from that operated by Dublin Bus.
  • Route 76, Monday to Friday timetable will operate with an additional 6 departures. Saturday and Sunday timetables will operate with a significant increase in frequency.
  • Route 76a, operating from Tallaght to Liffey Valley/Blanchardstown will have an improved frequency with an additional 4 services added to the timetable to provide a total of 7 weekday departures in both directions.
  • The new 76a timetable has been re-designed to better integrate with Route 236 at Blanchardstown Town Centre.

Go-Ahead Ireland Routes 17, 104, 114, 161, 220, 236, 238, 239 and 270 (commenced January 20th 2019)

Timetables   Service Information

Route 17 Blackrock to Rialto via University College Dublin (UCD) & Dundrum Route 17 will continue to operate every half hour and serves the following key locations along its routing: Blackrock DART Station, UCD campus, Dundrum, Nutgrove, Terenure, Kimmage, Dolphin’s Barn and Rialto. There are additional morning peak departures on Monday to Friday and one additional morning and evening departure on Sundays. The routing of the service remains unchanged from that operated by Dublin Bus, however for clarity new route numbers have been introduced as follows: 17 – Blackrock to Rialto Via UCD, 17C – Blackrock to Rialto Not Via UCD, 17D – Dundrum to Rialto

Route 104 Clontarf DART Station to Dublin City University (DCU) Route 104 has a minor route change and will terminate at Clontarf DART Station rather than Clontarf Bus Garage. Route 104 will continue to serve the following key locations along its routing: Clontarf DART Station, Killester, Artane, Beaumont Hospital Campus, Shantalla Road, Collins Avenue and DCU Campus. The timetable has been re-designed to better integrate with Route 220.

Route 114 Blackrock DART Station to Rockview The routing of Route 114 remains unchanged and some additional peak and off peak services have been added. In addition, a new Sunday service will also be introduced. The timetable has been re-designed to better integrate with DART Services at Blackrock DART Station. Route 114 serves the following key locations: Blackrock DART Station, UCD Smurfit, Newtownpark Avenue, Whites Cross, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Lambs Cross and Rockview.

Route 161 Dundrum to Rockbrook The routing of the 161 remains unchanged, however the number of weekday departures has been doubled from 4 to 8. Route 161 serves the following key locations: Rockbrook, Ballyboden, Whitechurch, Marlay Park, Nutgrove and Dundrum Village and Luas.

Route 220 Dublin City University (DCU) to Lady’s Well Road The routing of Route 220 remains unchanged apart from being extended from Ballymun to serve the DCU Campus. One journey per day will continue to operate via Coolmine Fire Station, this will be renumbered 220A for clarity. Route 220 operates hourly and serves the following key locations: DCU Campus, Ballymun, Finglas Village, Ballycoolin, National Aquatic Centre, Connolly Hospital Campus, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and Lady’s Well Road.

Route 236 Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to Damastown IBM Route 236 operates a Monday to Friday timetable and an additional 3 departures have been added to make a total of six departures in each direction. These three new services will be renumbered 236A to distinguish from its more direct routing between Tyrrelstown and Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. There is a slight change to the routing of Route 236 at Tyrrelstown Stop 6005. Plaza Apartments will now be served to match the routing of Route 238 in this area. Route 236 serves the following key locations: Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, National Aquatic Centre, Ballycoolin Business Park, Corporate Park, Cruise Park and Damastown IBM.

Route 238 Lady’s Well Road to Tyrrelstown Route 238 will continue to operate an hourly service seven days a week. The routing of the 238 remains unchanged and serves the following key locations: Lady’s Well Road, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, National Aquatic Centre, Corporate Park, Cruise Park and Tyrrelstown.

Route 239 Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to Liffey Valley Shopping Centre Route 239 has an improved timetable. There will be additional departures with hourly weekday operations. Saturday service will commence operations earlier in the day and will run until later. The routing of the 239 remains unchanged and serves the following key locations: Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Clonsilla Station, Lucan Village, Arthur Griffith Park, Castle Road, Fonthill Retail Park and Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

Route 270 Dunboyne to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Route 270 will continue to operate hourly Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There have been a few minor timetable changes to better integrate with Dublin Bus Route 70 between Dunboyne and Littlepace. Two additional services in each direction have been added on Sunday mornings. The routing of Route 270 remains unchanged and serves the following key locations: Dunboyne Village, Dunboyne Station, Clonee Village, Littlepace and Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

Go-Ahead Ireland Routes 17a, 33a, 33b and 102 (commenced December 2nd 2018)

Some minor service alterations and enhancements detailed below.

Route 17A: Kilbarrack – Beaumount Hospital – Ballymun – Finglas – Blanchardstown  
  • Regular 20-minute frequency all day, every day but increasing to every 15 minutes during Monday to Friday peak periods
  • Every 30 minutes early on Saturday and Sunday mornings and during Sunday evenings
Route 33A: Balbriggan – Skerries – Swords – Dublin Airport
  • Co-ordinated with Dublin Bus route 33 to provide a regular 30-minute frequency between Skerries, Rush, Lusk and Swords.
  • Route 33 will continue south of Swords to provide direct services to destinations along Swords Road and Drumcondra Road to the city centre.
  • Route 33A is extended from Skerries to Balbriggan every 90 minutes.
  • Route 33A is newly extended from Skerries, Rush, Lusk and Swords direct to Dublin Airport every 90 minutes.
Route 33B: Portrane – Donabate – Swords
  • Daytime frequency enhanced to operate every 30 minutes. More journeys connect with trains from Donabate Station.
Route 102: Sutton – Malahide – Swords – Dublin Airport
  • Regular 30 minutes frequency all day, every day

Go-Ahead Ireland Routes 111, 184 and 185 (commenced October 21st 2018)

  • Route remains unchanged
  • Earlier trips are scheduled from Monday to Saturday on the 111 route from Dun Laoghaire to Brides Glen. This will allow for better connections to the Luas green line
  • On Sundays there will be an increased hourly frequency. The first journey from Brides Glen will commence at 09.33 and finish at 23.33
  • Departure times between Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey (in both directions) have been coordinated with Route 59 where possible to offer more evenly spaced departures along this route
  • To cater for additional passenger demand, the NTA has approved Go-Ahead Ireland to operate a double deck bus on Route 184 at school start and end times with immediate effect.
  • The Timetable for Route 184 has been designed to connect with revised DART services at Greystones to and from Newtownmountkennedy
The first and last journeys are broadly similar but with the following amendments:
  • Monday – Friday service has increased frequency to every 30 minutes
  • Services on Saturdays and Sundays have increased frequency to every 30 minutes (this is compared to current service of every hour on Saturdays and 2 hours on Sundays)
  • Significant improvements have been made to make the Route 185 timetable easier to understand
  • Earlier journeys will commence every Sunday morning, apart from this first and last journey times are similar to the current service
  • There will be departures every 30 minutes from Bray DART station to Palermo Estate – every hour one of these services will continue to Powerscourt via Enniskerry

Go-Ahead Ireland Routes 45, 59, 63, 75 (commenced October 7th 2018)

Some minor service alterations and enhancements are detailed below:

45a /45b
  • Service enhanced to every 20 minutes throughout the day and every 30 minutes each evening and on Sundays
  • Route 45a will operate as usual from Shanganagh Bridge through to Hazelwood and Rathsallagh
  • Route 45b will divert through Shanganagh Cliffs Estate
  • Departure times of the 59 bus route service have been coordinated with service 111. This is to allow more evenly spaced departures
  • No other route variations
  • Service enhanced to every 30 minutes each evening and Sunday daytimes
  • 63a travels via Foxrock
  • Journeys via Sandyford Business Park will be augmented at peak periods to improve services between Dundrum and Tallaght
  • These routes in Dundrum will now serve Main Street, Taney Road and Sydenham Road for better integration with the Luas green line
  • The timetable has been coordinated with route 175 between Dundrum and Tallaght to offer more evenly spread departures throughout the day
  • Additional Sunday morning and evening journeys will be introduced
  • Please note journeys via Sandyford Business Park are numbered 75a as outlined on the timetable
In addition to the above services, Go-Ahead Ireland will continue to operate Route 175 (Citywest to UCD) timetable.

Go-Ahead Ireland Route 175 (commenced September 9th 2018)

On September 9th, Go-Ahead Ireland launched a brand new 175 bus service. This service goes from Citywest to UCD. See timetable here.

What you will see at your bus stop?

Bus Livery The new bus livery, which was designed by the NTA following public consultation is blue, white and green with a yellow front. The Transport for Ireland brand logo together with the operators’ logo will be on the sides of the buses. This new livery reflects the broadening of the number of operators in the Irish marketplace.

Bus Stops On routes where Go-Ahead Ireland takes over Dublin Bus routes, the flag or head-plate of the bus stop will have blue and white TFI Bus livery. Existing bus stops will over time be rebranded as Transport for Ireland stops and upgraded to provide a larger rectangular flag with details of routes serving the stop and a stainless steel pole. During this upgrade process there will be some occasions a new style Transport for Ireland bus stop will be close to a Dublin Bus one.

TFI and NTA Role

What is the NTA responsible for? The National Transport Authority (NTA) is responsible for determining the bus routes required to service the needs of the public. We also develop and manage all aspects of the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI), set routes, fares, destinations and timetables; developing all collateral – across all platforms – intended to inform the general public. 

What is TFI responsible for? Transport for Ireland (TFI) is the NTA’s consumer brand for public transport services in Ireland. It is the integrated brand that helps the travelling public to plan their journeys across Ireland on all modes of transport, via our website, TFI Journey Planner App and TFI Real Time (RTI) App.

TFI Journey Planner App, how can I plan my routes?

The National Journey Planner App is both very up to date and easy to use. Just select the “departures” section of the Journey Planner App for live real time information.

Download through below links


Are your buses wheelchair friendly? Yes.

Are you buses pet friendly? Guide and assistance dogs/assistance animals are allowed, they are to be carried at all times.

Who can I contact further about this?

Website: https://www.goaheadireland.ie/
Phone: Customer Comments & Queries: 1850 80 40 71
Email: customercomment@goaheadireland.ie
Address: Go-Ahead Ireland, Ballymount Road Lower, Dublin 12, D12 X201, Ireland

We recommend following @GoAheadIreland on Twitter to keep up with the latest service information or follow them on Facebook