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Need to get out and about in Dublin? Go ahead.

Go-Ahead Ireland is a private transport company that currently operates 25 Dublin city bus routes and five commuter bus routes on behalf of Transport for Ireland (TFI).

For information on fares, timetables and how to give feedback on GAI services, please see below.

For service and operational updates visit goaheadireland.ie or follow @GoAheadIreland on Twitter.

Go-Ahead Ireland

Real Time Passenger Information

Real time information is currently available for Go-Ahead Ireland services via the TFI Journey Planner App.
Download for free through the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.
Simply select the “departures” section of the Journey Planner App for live real time information.

You can download the TFI Real Time Ireland App by clicking on the links below.

Download now on ItunesGet it on Google Play

For timetables for Dublin Suburban routes and Dublin Commuter routes please visit https://www.goaheadireland.ie/services

For diversions to Go-Ahead Ireland services please check https://www.goaheadireland.ie/service-updates

Fare Information for Dublin Suburban Routes

Fare Information for Commuter Routes

Fares for routes 120, 125, 126 and 130 will remain unchanged. For detailed information for each route, please see below.

120 Fares

125 Fares

126 Fares

130 Fares

Can Go-Ahead Ireland tickets be honoured on Dublin Bus services in the event of a breakdown or disruption in service?

No, Dublin Bus will not accept your Go-Ahead Ireland ticket. Should such a situation occur, the customer is advised to contact Go-Ahead Ireland to get a refund. Details are on the Go-Ahead Ireland website.

Who sets bus fares?

All bus fares are set and approved by the NTA/Transport for Ireland.

Go-Ahead Ireland accepts passengers with assistance dogs. They must wear a harness or a jacket so that the driver is aware that they are an assistance dog. There is no limit to the amount of assistance dogs a driver can allow on board, as long as there is space. It is important that the assistance dog does not block the aisle or seats.

There is space for one wheelchair on the lower floor of all of the buses operating on the Dublin suburban network. Buses operating on the Dublin to Kildare routes do have provision for a wheelchair space, but this should be booked in advance by contacting Go-Ahead Ireland.

Please be advised that if you use a mobility scooter you will need a permit. This is to ensure that the scooter is passed as safe to travel and because not all mobility scooters can be accommodated due to their size.

Go-Ahead Ireland participates in a Travel Assistance Scheme for the Greater Dublin Area which helps you use public transport on your own. An assistant will accompany you the first few times to give advice and help navigate the network. This scheme is available to Go-Ahead Ireland, Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Luas.

For more information on accessibility, please visit the Go-Ahead Ireland website

Contact Details

For all service and operational queries, please contact Go-Ahead Ireland directly through the below channels.

Web: www.goaheadireland.ie
Email: customercomment@goaheadireland.ie
Phone: 1850 80 40 71

12 Ballymount Road Lower,
Ballymount Little,
Dublin 12

Facebook: Go-Ahead Ireland Facebook
Twitter: @GoAheadIreland

If you are unhappy with the outcome you can make an official complaint to the NTA by filling out this webform. Please include a copy of your correspondence with GAI.

Bus Livery

The TFI bus livery, which was designed by the NTA following public consultation is blue, white and green with a yellow front. The Transport for Ireland brand logo together with the operators’ logo is present on the sides of all buses. This livery reflects the broadening of the number of TFI operators in the Irish marketplace.

Bus Stops

On routes where Go-Ahead Ireland are operating, the flag or head-plate of the bus stop will have blue and white TFI Bus livery. Existing bus stops will over time be rebranded as Transport for Ireland stops and upgraded to provide a larger rectangular flag with details of routes serving the stop and a stainless steel pole. During this upgrade process there will be some occasions a new style Transport for Ireland bus stop will be close to a Dublin Bus one.

Kindly note, following the Council Safety Audit, the NTA made several changes to bus stops on Dublin Commuter routes 125, 126 and 130.

The following stops are no longer be served:

  • 2 x Citywest (inbound and outbound) – N7 route
  • 1 x Blackchurch N7 (inbound) – N7 route
  • Inbound routes no longer stop at Merrion Row. This stop has been moved to Dawson Street (125) and Merrion Street (130, and some 120 and 126 variants).

What is the NTA responsible for?

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is responsible for determining the bus routes required to service the needs of the public. We also develop and manage all aspects of the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI), set routes, fares, destinations and timetables; developing all collateral – across all platforms – intended to inform the general public.

What is TFI responsible for?

Transport for Ireland (TFI) is the NTA’s consumer facing brand for public transport services in Ireland. TFI is the overall brand, which integrated the public transport network and helps the travelling public to plan their journeys across Ireland on all modes of transport, via our website, TFI Journey Planner App and TFI Real Time Ireland App.

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