The upper age for TFI Young Adult Leap Card applicants has now increased to 25 years of age.

Young Adults aged 19-25 or Students in third level education can now get 50% off public transport fares using a TFI Young Adult or Student Leap Card.

Previously, the age limit for TFI Young Adult Leap Card applicants was capped at 23. With this new age increase, a new cohort of applicants are now eligible to apply for cheaper travel.

To apply, visit

Current Young Adult Leap Card holders

TFI Young Adult Leap Cards purchased before the 11th of January will continue to be valid until your 24th birthday. You can apply for a new card before you turn 24. That new card will then be valid until your 26th birthday.

Student Leap Card holders

No action is required for Student Leap Card holders as your card will remain valid until the 30th of September. Card holders within the age of 19-25 may apply for a Young Adult card. after your student card expires.