Mobility scooters are allowed on board Luas. It is recommend that users enter through the double doors when boarding Luas. Once on board, the break should be applied securing the scooter.

Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail

Powered Scooters and Wheelchairs/Rollators On-Board Trains.

There are a limited number of wheelchair accessible spaces on each train, it is important therefore that you book your space in advance.

Irish Rail can accommodate wheelchair or powered scooters up to 700mm in width and 1200 mm long (including footplates) height 1435mm including occupant a maximum weight of 300kg including occupant and a turning radius of 900mm.

For the comfort of all customers, Rollators must be folded and stored in the luggage racks. Where travelling with an oxygen tank, please call 0818 366222 to arrange suitable assistance and seating arrangements.

For safety reasons if your wheelchair or mobility scooter is larger than the permitted dimensions, Irish Rail cannot accept it as the wheelchair or scooter may not be able to turn corners on board the train.

As scooters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, many have problems on trains, such as being unable to manoeuvre safely inside a carriage. These problems mean that trains cannot carry some scooters, if you are a scooter user who wants to travel by rail, you should contact the station to ensure your scooter can be accommodated.

Accessibility Ramps for Train Access

Irish Rail staff will use ramps to help you on or off trains if required. 24 hours advance notice needs to be given to ensure staff can be deployed to assist you on or off your service.

At some stations there is a gap between the platform and the carriages which may create difficulty for people who are visually impaired or have mobility impairments and assistance may be required when boarding or alighting from the train.


To travel on TFI bus services with your mobility scooter you must have a permit. This is due to certain mobility scooters being too big to fit on buses. To find out if your scooter is the correct size, please contact your operator to have the scooter assessed.

Rules for bus travel with a mobility scooter:

  • Once the assessment of the mobility scooter has passed, the user will be issued with a mobility scooter travel card. The user should show this card to the driver so that they can travel on TFI bus services. This card is valid for 5 years or for a shorter period if the scooter has been changed within this time frame.
  • For safety reasons, while travelling on TFI services we recommend that the scooter is secured and put into the designated wheelchair space. The motor must be turned off and the scooter parked in gear with the brake on to avoid movement.
  • If the wheelchair space is already occupied, then the user with the mobility scooter will need to travel on the next available service.
  • To report a lost or stolen mobility scooter travel card, please contact your operators customer care team who will re-issue a new mobility scooter travel card.

Terms and Conditions of Assessment Certificate for Travel

  • The card must be signed and can only be used by the person named and issued with it.
  • This card does not allow the bearer to travel for free.
  • The mobility scooter must not be overloaded and be in good working order.
  • Drivers have the right to refuse access for safety reasons.
  • If there is any abuse of this card, it will be withdrawn.