The National Transport Authority is today opening a process of public consultation around proposals that will address the acute transport needs along the Sandymount/ Merrion – Blackrock corridor.
This is the NTA’s Emerging Preferred Scheme which seeks to provide a comprehensive solution to a complex set of transport needs, in a way that will deliver real benefits to bus and rail passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, and all road users.

Traffic and congestion in the Merrion Gate area have become more and more acute in recent years. What the NTA are putting forward is an ambitious and forward-looking set of proposals that they feel will deliver real benefits to commuters, road users and local communities all along the route.

To ensure the plan is as good as it can possibly be, the NTA are actively consulting with the public. If members of local communities, or public transport users, or cyclists, or road users or the business community have suggestions as to how the NTA can do this better, they will certainly reflect that in the finalised plans.

The NTA are very anxious to get as wide a range of views as possible, and they want to engage with as many people as possible in the consultation process that gets under way today, so that they can be confident that the final plan, maps out the best way forward.

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