Since January, An Bord Pleanála has approved the development of four new bus corridors marking a significant milestone for The National Transport Authority (NTA) its efforts to improve public transportation in Ireland. These corridors are part of the NTA’s overall strategy to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the bus network in Dublin and its surrounding areas.

The Clongriffin Scheme, the Liffey Valley Scheme, the Ballymun Finglas Scheme, and the Belfield Blackrock Scheme 

The four bus corridors that have been approved by An Bord Pleanála are the Clongriffin Scheme, the Liffey Valley Scheme, the Ballymun Finglas Scheme, and the Belfield Blackrock Scheme. Each corridor is designed to address specific areas of need and improve bus services for passengers in those regions.

  • The Clongriffin Scheme will provide a dedicated bus corridor from the northeast of Dublin city out to Clongriffin, serving areas with a high demand for reliable public transportation.
  • The Liffey Valley Scheme aims to improve bus services in the west of Dublin, connecting Liffey Valley Shopping Centre with the city center.
  • The Ballymun Finglas Scheme will enhance bus connections in the north of Dublin, providing a faster and more efficient route for commuters.
  • The Belfield Blackrock Scheme will improve bus services in the southeast of the city, allowing for quicker travel times between Belfield and Blackrock.
Reducing congestion and air pollution in Dublin

These approved bus corridors will not only benefit passengers by providing faster and more reliable bus services but will also help to reduce congestion and air pollution in Dublin. By encouraging more people to use public transportation, the NTA is contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport system.

Overall, the approval of these four bus corridors marks a significant step forward for public transportation in Ireland, and the NTA’s efforts to improve the bus network are sure to benefit passengers and the environment for years to come.

Additional Information

For more information on each of the approved bus corridors, you can visit their respective websites below:

Clongriffin Scheme (,

Liffey Valley Scheme (,

Ballymun Finglas Scheme (

Belfield Blackrock Scheme (