The National Transport Authority (NTA) has released a new Infrastructure Equality Guidance document which aims to promote accessible and equitable infrastructure within active travel schemes across Ireland.

The importance of accessible and equitable infrastructure

The NTA recognises the importance of funding infrastructure that meets the needs of all members of society and is committed to ensuring equality within transport by eliminating all forms of discrimination as defined under the Equal Status Acts (2000-2018).

The Equal Status Acts prohibit discrimination based on nine protected characteristics: gender, marital status, family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and membership of the Traveller community. The NTA’s objective is to ensure that infrastructure projects are designed in a way that complies with these Acts and addresses the needs of all individuals.

Providing clear guidelines for Active Travel infrastructure projects

The Infrastructure Equality Guidance is intended to provide clear guidelines for stakeholders involved in active travel infrastructure projects funded by the NTA. The document sets out recommendations for ensuring that infrastructure development does not adversely impact any of the protected characteristics and promotes equitable infrastructure development.

Key features of the guidance include two checklists that can be used to audit active travel schemes during the design phase or after construction. These checklists aim to identify potential issues and provide recommendations for meeting accessibility and equality standards.

Designers, local authorities, consultants, and other stakeholders involved in active travel infrastructure projects are encouraged to utilize the Infrastructure Equality Guidance to ensure that infrastructure is designed in an accessible and equitable manner. The document offers practical advice on addressing common design issues, gathering community feedback, and auditing designs for compliance with accessibility standards.

The NTA’s Infrastructure Equality Guidance document is a valuable resource for promoting equality within transport infrastructure and ensuring that all individuals can access and benefit from active travel schemes fairly and inclusively.

The Infrastructure Equality Guidance document can be accessed here.