3.22% increase of maximum taxi fares proposed

Proposals that maximum fares should be increased in line with costs of running a taxi, are going out to public consultation today.

The 2017 National Minimum Taxi Fare Review which was published earlier this month found that between 2014 and 2016, the cost of operating a taxi went up by 3.22 per cent.

Anne Graham, National Transport Authority CEO said: “Every two years or so, NTA undertakes a survey of drivers and consumers together with a review of any change in the cost of operating a taxi service.

“In 2014, a 4% increase in maximum fares was granted, and between 2014 and 2016, we have calculated that in overall terms, costs increased by a further 3.2%.

“The study has shown that maximum taxi fares could now be increased to reflect that change, but we want to hear as wide a range of views as possible before a final determination is made.

“To that end, we are inviting members of the public to make submissions and to let us know their views on these proposed changes.

“Demand for taxi services has stabilised since the last review as a result of ongoing economic recovery. Demand is expected to increase over the next two years, as we see continued economic growth, growing numbers of people at work and improving consumer confidence.

“It’s worth noting that almost three quarters of the public agree that taxis generally provide a good service, according to our survey. Over half the public regarded taxis as good value for money according to the same survey. A full 94% of those surveyed were either fairly satisfied or very satisfied with the service provided on their most recent taxi journey.”

Consultation remains open until Monday, 04 September 2017 and the matter will be considered by the NTA Board at their meeting in mid-September.

Any changes in maximum fares would take effect in February 2018 at the earliest.

Details of the National Maximum Taxi Fare Review and Fact Sheet, together with the proposed maximum fares order, can be downloaded by clicking on the following link – Public Consultation on National Maximum Taxi Fares

Written submissions in relation to the proposed maximum fares order may be made in one of the three following ways: