Further to requests received from some Disability User Groups the deadline for completion of our Accessibility Survey has now been extended until Thursday, 30 September 2021. The survey asks for experiences, opinions and advice on the demand for and accessibility levels of taxi, hackney and limousine services nationwide. The information obtained through this survey is crucial to future planning for improved Small Public Service Vehicle (SPSV – Taxi, Hackney and limousine) services for all but particularly for people with disabilities who are using or might use this door to door transport service.  The survey is open to all transport users but NTA also circulated it directly to more than 250 Disability User Groups for their members to give their views and advice on this important topic.

The survey commenced on 2 July 2021 however response rates have been very low and not enough to properly be a part of NTA’s consideration of future plans and strategy in this important area. NTA is happy to facilitate the requests for deadline extension which have been received, in the hope that meaningful response levels will now be achieved.

The survey can be completed in the following ways:

  • Online, via the following link which is compatible with screen-readers: https://secure.bandasurvey.ie/WebProd/Start/Ba212691
  • By post: if you require a hard-copy version of the survey, please contact Behaviour & Attitudes on 01 2057561 or glenn@banda.ie . You will also receive a stamped addressed envelope to return your completed survey.
  • By telephone: please contact Behaviour & Attitudes at glenn@banda.ie or on 01 2057561.They will arrange for an agent to call you to go through the questions with you.

Should you wish, someone else may complete the survey on your behalf.

Whilst it will not be possible for NTA to respond directly to any individual submissions received, all will be considered in detail and a report on the findings will be published.  NTA is subject to Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation and submissions may be published on foot of FOI requests, so please be mindful of adding any personal information to your submissions.