Two Dublin Bus routes will become 24-hour services on Sunday 1 December.

Both the 41 and the 15 will operate on an around-the-clock basis from that date as part of the Transport for Ireland public transport network.

The 41 runs from the city centre to the airport and on to Swords, while the 15 runs from Ballycullen Road, through the city centre, on to Clongriffin.

Up to now, these services have run from early morning to late evening Monday to Saturday, with shorter hours of operation on Sunday.

From December 1, daytime frequency on the 15 and the 41 will improve, and they will run at a 30-minute frequency throughout the night from 12 midnight to 05.00.

The fare structure will remain unchanged, which means there will be no additional charge to the customer for travelling late at night.

TFI Leap Card, Free Travel Card and cash will all continue to be accepted as payment by drivers.

NTA CEO Anne Graham said:

“The manner in which Dublin functions as a city has shifted gradually but dramatically in recent years. It is no longer the case that city shuts down at 11 or 12 at night.

The patterns of work and socialising have changed. For instance, the success in attracting to the city, major employers who are headquartered many time-zones away, serving markets around the world, means that commercial and economic activity in Dublin continues around the clock.

The airport has become busier and busier, in recent years, and is itself a major employer. There is a clear demand for more transport options to the airport, not just for their passengers, but for the thousands of people whose jobs require them to be at work early in the morning or late into the night.

These two 24-hour routes are a clear indication of the commitment by NTA and Dublin Bus to providing a public transport service that reflects the changing city.”

Dublin Bus CEO Ray Coyne said:

“The introduction of 24 hour services on Routes 15 and 41 is a significant opportunity to continue the growth and success of Dublin Bus and is an important step forward for our city.

Our 24-hour bus services will bring the many benefits of public transport to even more people and businesses including mobility, safety, sustainability and inclusion.

These services will help unlock the full potential of Dublin’s vibrant and growing night-time economy, while also providing early morning journeys into the city centre for our commuters, further assisting in the fight against congestion.”