TFI Live App

TFI Live App

The TFI Live App allows you to access Real Time and Journey Planning information across the Transport for Ireland (TFI) network.

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New updates launched 21st November: 

Three new updates have launched on the TFI Live App as of Tuesday the 21st of November 2023. New updates include:

  • Diversions
    • Where real-time information indicates that a bus will take an unplanned diversion along the route, journeys planned with the “Leave Now” option may omit these bus trips in Journey Planner results.
      The Departures screen will show the trip correctly.
  • Timetable columns out of chronological order
    • When searching for timetables, routes which have a mixture of starting points, may appear out of order.
      It is advised to use the ‘earlier’ and ‘later’ buttons when viewing timetables to ensure you see all available trips.
  • Coverage of walk routes
    • Improved functionality regarding long distance walking journeys is coming soon. If no journey is suggested please try adjusting the point of origin or destination and ideally closer to the public transport network.
App updates Coming Soon:

The new TFI Live app is on a new platform that will be continually improved in the coming months. Planned updates include:

  • Rail Timetables
    • When searching rail timetables not all intermediate stops may appear, however the appropriate information will appear when planning a Journey Plan or viewing the Departures screen.
  • Real time tram data
    • For journey plans involving the LUAS, the planner may return a trip duration that is longer than is accurate. This might result in the Journey Planner suggesting getting a connecting trip rather than staying on the Luas. Improved integration with Luas real-time will be included in a future release.
  • Bus Transfers (Rail replacement services)
    • During times of disruption to the rail network, journeys by rail may be temporarily operated in whole or in part by a bus service replacement. This is not currently apparent in the app but we are working to improve this visibility.
  • Inserted Trips
    • Where real-time information indicates that an extra bus will be run, journeys planned with the “Leave Now” option may omit these extra bus trips in Journey Plan results. We are working to ensure these are included in a future release.
  • Improved Taxi Functionality