Carlow Town Bus Services

Bus Éireann operates two routes in Carlow Town on behalf of Transport for Ireland

Download PDF Map

This map shows the new Carlow Town bus services in greater detail and marks out the principal stops for each route within the city.

The new Carlow routes are:

  • CW1 – MSD Carlow to Tyndall/CIFET
  • CW2 – Wexford Road Business Park to Barrow Valley Retail Park

Both services will operate every 30 minutes, Monday to Sunday.

Use your TFI Leap Card to avail of cheaper fares and free interchange between routes. Interchanges must be made within 90 minutes when using your TFI Leap Card.

Fare Stage
Cash Leap
Adult Standard €2.00 €1.50
Young Adult /
Standard N/A €0.75
Child Standard €0.90 €0.65

For information regarding timetables, visit Bus Éireann.