Today on our #MoreThanTransport series, we celebrate the team at TFI Local Link Limerick Clare. More and more people since the start of the pandemic have become aware of the TFI Local Link services and routes in Clare, which have aided a new community of people and new routine for all passengers.

The team at TFI Local Link Limerick Clare have gone the extra mile in their care for their passengers and taking care of their needs. ‘The driver will come out, help each passenger get on the bus, and make sure they’re all seated right. He will lift the bag onto the bus – you never get anyone like that elsewhere! You don’t mind asking them as they’re so friendly and kind’ – Bridget, TFI Local Link passenger.

Not only are the drivers attentive to every passenger, but the whole experience and routine that TFI Local Link provides has been a great help to their passengers: ‘People rely on that bus for the week, and it really is incredibly reliable. They come every single week, and have never let us down. It might be the only day of the week that people get out’. Bridget, TFI Local Link passenger.

Bridget has become a regular passenger on TFI Local Link since October 2020. ‘I’d heard people talking about it before, and then I followed up and have introduced my friends to it as well. It was like a party! Everyone was so delighted! You look forward to that day, you really do.’.

#MoreThanTransport is a series by TFI highlighting how TFI Local Link staff, drivers and managers have gone above and beyond for people in their community over the past year.

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