The team have worked tirelessly to help those in need in their community and have gone above and beyond for those that need it most.

“One of our regular passengers suffers with a condition that has impacted her health, so she has had to isolate herself from her community and friends. In response, the TFI Local Link operators, office staff and drivers have jumped into action. They have made sure she has all of the food and medication she needs, and they have phone her regularly to ensure that she’s in good spirits.

The team at TFI Local Link Tipperary have coordinated trips to the University of Limerick Hospital and St. James’ Hospital in Dublin to make sure she attends all of her appointments. The operators, along with staff at the TFI Local Link Tipperary office, have shared the workload and looked after the passenger together.

A lot of the work that the team does goes unseen, like a quick chat to a cocooning passenger or a drop-off at a GP appointment. Most of this occurs outside of their normal working hours. We are truly proud of everything the team has done to ensure that help is provided to those most vulnerable in the community”. – TFI Local Link Operator, Tipperary.

#MoreThanTransport is a series by TFI highlighting how TFI Local Link staff, drivers and managers have gone above and beyond for people in their community over the past year.

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