Today on our #MoreThanTransport series, we celebrate the dispatch team at TFI Local Link Mayo. At the start of the pandemic the team organised to collect and drop off shopping for their communities, even for those who were not regular TFI Local Link users. Not only did they help their community in this way, but they also worked against loneliness by providing friendship through chats when possible.

Jennifer and Angela are two of the team who went above and beyond. ‘The two girls in the office were absolutely amazing! They were patient, kind, always available, very helpful, informative – you were sure that you got your service. You always knew that you would get your shopping dropped to your door’. – Marellen, TFI Local Link Mayo passenger.

Marellen added that they insisted on helping her with her shopping bags wherever possible. The most important thing, however, was the connection that TFI Local Link provided, especially for those who had been very lonely and had been living on their own. ‘They’d been absolutely brilliant. You’d never be lonely, because there was always someone to call at the door to know you were okay’.

#MoreThanTransport is a series by TFI highlighting how TFI Local Link staff, drivers and managers have gone above and beyond for people in their community over the past

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