Customer Information Cards

Understand your Fare

Except for prior written agreement, taxi drivers must not charge more than the metered fare and must give passengers a printed receipt upon request.

Hackneys and limousines must not charge you more than the agreed fare and must provide you with a printed receipt upon request.

  • With each additional adult passenger add €1 on top of the metered fare
  • After first free child add €1 for every two children under 12 on top of the metered fare
  • Your booking fee is €2 on top of the metered fare
  • Road toll charges are added as incurred
  • If the taxi is soiled a maximum charge of €140 is applied
  • If you do not pay your fare or pay a lesser fare than agreed in advance you are committing an offence under the Maximum Fares Order
  • A driver may request you to show proof you are able to pay your fare before agreeing hire


Your Customer Rights state that all SPSVs (small public service vehicles) drivers must display their driver identification card and the passenger information card in clear view of the customer.

Taximeter:  a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxis that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time.