NTA advice is to:

  • Avoid travelling at peaks and avoid crowded services
  • Continue to work from home if you can
  • Mask up on public transport

Under new public health measures announced by the Government on April 29th, restrictions on the use of public transport are to be eased.

All operators are now providing a full timetable and from Monday May 10th, sitting and standing capacity on public transport is to increase from 25% of normal capacity to 50%.

Anne Graham, NTA Chief Executive Officer said:

“The easing of restrictions will enable us to carry more passengers and we believe that looking beyond the Covid pandemic, public transport has a crucial role to play in the recovery of our society and economy.

For now, the increase of capacity to 50% is welcome, and means that as the economy opens up and as greater numbers return to the workplace and start moving around, public transport will be an option for more people.

But we will continue to be realistic and to exercise caution. It’s more important than ever that people continue to follow the public health advice as we gradually re-open our economy and roll out the vaccine programme.  

From Monday our buses, trains and trams are likely to be busier than at any time since the beginning of the pandemic. 

We’re asking customers, before they set out, to consider whether their journey is necessary, to ensure that there’s space for those who need it most. This is particularly the case at peak times when students are travelling to and from school.

Our advice is to travel off-peak if at all possible. Plan your trip and leave yourself additional time so you can avoid crowds. 

As demand for public transport increases, full social distancing will not always be possible, which is why passengers’ continued co-operation in wearing a face covering on board public transport is more important than ever. We’re asking customers to comply with signage on board vehicles, and to leave windows open where possible. 

And if you’re on a busy service, be mindful of the more vulnerable customer whose need for a seat may be greater than yours.

Taxis and hackneys continue to be widely available in all parts of the country and are very often the best way of getting from one place to another.”

Let’s travel together safely.”


  • Those who can work from home should work from home.
  • Walk or cycle where possible.
  • Operators have an enhanced daily cleaning regime on their fleet in order to contain the potential spread of Coronavirus (COVID‐19). This includes the sanitising of frequently touched surfaces on board and extending cleaning regimes to include inter-peak cleaning at depots and stations.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided by transport operators.
  • Use a Leap Card where possible.